How to post a TikTok video on Instagram

Filmed from the app, TikTok videos are vertical or 9:16. However Instagram doesn’t permit you to share full 9:16 videos; the max size for an Instagram Post is 4:5. To post TikTok videos on Instagram without cropping, you need to resize the video first and add padding on the left and right.

Posting TikTok videos is a fun way to show off a music video you recorded or production you created. People put plenty of work into TikTok videos; therefore why not publish them on your Instagram for the world to see? This same technique applies for any narrow, 9:16 video you film or have saved on your phone.

In this article, I’ll describe how to resize your videos so you can post TikTok videos on Instagram. This tutorial uses a free, online video editing website called Kapwing. Kapwing works on both your phone and computer, and you won’t need to download any software to use it.

Step 1: upload your video

To get started, save the TikTok video that you want to post on Instagram to your camera roll. You can save TikTok videos by long pressing and tapping the “Save” button within the action menu.
Once you have the video saved to your phone, tablet, or computer, open Kapwing’s resize Video tool. This tool helps you automatically crop and size your videos for various social media platforms. Click the upload button to find your TikTok video file and upload it.

Step 2: change to 1:1 or 4:5

Once your video loads in the Kapwing Resizer, you can choose what the output video will look. Start by choosing the aspect ratio that you wish to achieve. For Instagram, 1:1 or 4:5 are both allowed, and 4:5 gives you a bit more vertical space in the Feed.

Watch the video preview to see what your video will look like. Since TikTok videos are 15 seconds long, you don’t need to trim them to post to Instagram, however you can cut down to a particular section if you want to use the “Trim Video” button. Kapwing conjointly has options to zoom in on and re-position your video. The arrow keys below the video preview permit you to add a border or offset or to crop and re-center the video.

Step 3: create and publish

After the video preview looks right, tap “Create” to resize it for Instagram. The website will take several seconds to process your video within the cloud, therefore you won’t have to worry regarding your computer crashing or freezing. Once your video has been processed, you can download the MP4 and publish it directly to Instagram. You can conjointly share the URL of the final video page with your friends.

Kapwing is free to use, however there’s a small watermark on the output video. You can pay to remove the watermark or subscribe to unlimited no-watermark access to all of Kapwing’s tools.

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