‘I was a part of the Instagram problem’

Style queen Tash Sefton has undergone a changing phase after realizing that she helped make the issues of insecurity and inadequacy perpetuated by Instagram.

The mum of 2 and co-creator of wildly booming fashion blog they all hate us was a fashion purchaser 20 years before she became one of the initial Instagram influencers.

But it’s a term she currently rejects due to the ego that comes with it, and is functioning to undo a number of the problems the platform has created.
“The term influencer doesn’t sit right with me because there’s a small amount of ego to that word, I feel uncomfortable with it,” she told Confidential.

“It was a fitting term; currently it’s morphed into something completely different.

“I didn’t feel sensible concerning what I used to be doing, social media became an area that was a big part of my work and it was confusing me.
“I was a part of the matter,
“And currently I’m reflecting on what I can do to slow down the process and still feel sensible concerning myself.”

Sefton talks concerning the changes she has created in depth in an episode of Ledlenser’s after Dark series – a miniseries that shines a light on a spread of high-profile Australians and their defining moments, accessible to view online from nowadays.

One of those changes is doing the opposite of what she used to do – encouraging folks to buy new clothes – and instead teaching them a way to style their existing wardrobe, for mental health, financial and environment reasons.

“There’s a mentality currently where we have a tendency to feel better if we wear something completely different every time we leave the house, it’s such a waste,” she said.

“I suppose that that’s due to social media.
“A lot of labor currently I do is educating ladies on the way to dress and the way to style.”

Admittedly, Sefton still works with a select few brands that align together with her new environmentally sustainable outlook; however she says she is way more careful now.

As for the reason she had an amendment in heart, she says there wasn’t one crucial moment – it wasn’t a friendly relationship breakdown with former bestie/business partner Elle Ferguson, for those questioning (she says there’s no feud) – it was taking a step back and realizing that social media was causing issues

“I had to do all of those things that I wouldn’t necessarily do,” she said.
“I felt like, I’m a bit older in this world, and that i felt like I had to be younger.

“Even my family would say to me ‘what are you doing?’.
“And it wasn’t till I had a while off that I thought concerning what I wanted from my job and business platform, and I shifted.
“I had to figure out all the things that were wrong thus I could work on them and fix them.”