Outstanding Video Competition Examples

The Hobbit: Ask Peter Jackson
This video clip contest from The Hobbit asked Followers to send videos of themselves asking the movie’s supervisor, Peter Jackson, a question they ‘d like him to respond to. This provided Followers the capability to win something valuable: Having a personal discussion with somebody whose work they substantially admire.

Now, you do not need to be Peter Jackson to run this type of video clip competition successfully. You can do this by asking fans to send concerns for you that are in your own domain of experience, such as cooking, house improvement, or design. This can be done successfully by showcasing your experience, knowledge, and achievements on the competition web page, along with an image of on your own to create an extra individual link with your Followers.

Kampung Sembawang – Program your love for Singapore
This video competition asked locals of Singapore to submit a video clip saying why they love the island. This competition was timed completely to accompany the 50th wedding anniversary of Singapore’s self-reliance from Malaysia. It developed directly off of the target market’s nationalism as well as gave them an ideal outlet to display it.

You can do this for practically any type of significant (or particular niche) holiday or period that your audience has an interest in. For example, if you sell cookware, you can ask individuals to send a video clip of your Followers preparing their household Thanksgiving dinner.

Welcome to Sweden: Make our Juries Laugh
The NBC comedy ‘Welcome to Sweden’ just recently ran a video clip competition that asked fans to submit a funny sketch, with the goal being to make their panel of celebrity courts laugh. This contest really had a 2-step champion choice system: In the first round, 10 champions were selected based on public ballot, and afterwards one champion (from the 10 first-round winners) was chosen by the panel of judges.

You do not need a celebrity panel of judges to do this. You just require to select something that you or your team are experts in. As an example, if you market sporting activities tools, you can ask your target market to make a video of themselves performing a (risk-free) feat for your panel of internal courts.