The Secret to a Successful Social Media Site Contest

Is there a dish for a high carrying out social media competition?

Is it the sector, the reward, or perhaps just a bit of luck?

Social contests are reasonably simple to implement if done right.

And I wish to emphasize “if” since we see a lot of blunders being made on a daily basis that are simple to prevent.

# 1: Target the Right Target Market
Take for instance you have a company that takes on the athleticwear business, Lululemon.

If you’re promoting a social project, the very best point to do would certainly be to go into Facebook advertisements and also target “Lululemon” as the primary audience rate of interest, right?

People who currently Like Lululemon already have a favored athleisure business they’re loyal to. It’s called Lululemon.

So targeting people in this manner is a BIG no go, especially for smaller as well as newer brands.

So what should you do?

Instead, enter into Facebook and take a look at an attribute called Facebook Target market Insights.

As soon as within, look for individuals such as “Lululemon” then take a look at the listing of various other web pages that those people additionally Like.

If you find a brand that has a similar ambiance to yours then you might have simply found a neighborhood of individuals that:

Fit the group you’re wanting to target
Don’t have any brand name commitment to a competitor’s brand name.

Use this as the beginning point for your social network ads, and also you’ll be impressed by the distinction it makes.

# 2: Relocate Beyond Social
You probably intend to run a social contest to expand your audience, obtain your web content (and also organization) seen, as well as ultimately obtain even more long term customers because of this.

Yet if you post something on social networks and also no one sees it, does it really matter?

On Facebook, there’s something called organic reach. Organic reach is generally the number of people who Like your page that will eventually end up seeing your content.

Formerly organic reach stat around 15 – 16% for brands (meaning if 100 individuals Liked your page, 15 – 16 of them would see an update whenever you posted).

Today, that number’s been reported to be as reduced as 2% and also perhaps also lower just recently.

That suggests that all your material and all the job you invested in constructing your social target market isn’t causing anything!