What Is Geofencing?

Tips for successful geofencing

Measure your geofencing results
Similar to any neighborhood advertising and marketing strategy, measuring the results of your geofencing campaign is exceptionally crucial. You intend to ensure your ads are getting to individuals and driving them to take an action.

Below are some geofencing metrics to measure:

Impacts are the number of times your advertisement is seen by a customer. You want to gauge impressions to track whether your geofenced ad is obtaining seen. If you’re seeing low perceptions, it could be a sign that you require to change your geofence.

Clicks + click-through rate
Much like other types of digital advertising and marketing, you can track how typically a person clicked your ad in addition to the click-through rate (CTR) of your ad. The even more clicks you have on your ad as well as the far better CTR, the more likely it is that your ad creative and also messaging are effective at driving a person to take the following step.

Web site brows through
Depending upon the goal of your geofencing ad, you might be driving people to your internet site as well as will want to measure the number of site visits you’re obtaining from your advertisements.

Phone calls
If your geofencing marketing project consists of click-to-call, you can track the number of calls that came from your ad.

One of the terrific aspects of geofencing for your small business is that it is just one of the few advertising techniques that can conveniently track online-to-offline conversions with walk-ins. Because geofencing jobs by utilizing the GPS on a client’s smartphone, you’re able to track whether that individual saw your company after seeing your geofencing advertisement by establishing conversion zones around your company.

As part of determining walk-ins, you can additionally gauge the expense per walk-in (CPW) to see how much each walk-in is hitting against your budget plan.

Added Metrics

A few other metrics you’ll intend to determine to include:

Cost Per Click (CPC).
Cost Per Call (CPC.
Expense Per Thousand (CPM).